grooms' daily raffles



The Grooms’ Raffle will be for all the grooms working at

the James River Hunt Horse Show.


Each day is a NEW raffle, so be sure to

RE-ENTER your groom each day.


The winning groom will be announced each day at

approximately 3:00 pm


The initial $100.00 pot will be funded by

James River Hunt Horse Show and

Equestrian Services of Virginia - Nardeen Henderson.


Donations are accepted to the help "sweeten the pot."

Checks, cash, or add it to your show bill.


We love our grooms !!!



In 2017 grooms won a James River Back Pack and the following:

Friday - Kelly Belcastro - trainer Phillip Long & Randy Neumann - $100
Saturday - Jordan Bell - trainer Sue Chambers - $240
Sunday - Lisa Woodard - trainer Glenn Moody - $220





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